Posted by: yarnevie | November 4, 2008

Stress and Stitches

Stitch your stress away. ~Author Unknown

I must be stressed lately for I am not only stitching crochet-ing at a ridiculous rate but also I have created this blog about it!

In the last two weeks I have

  • been 3x to my local craft store
  • been 2x to my local discount store (searching for yarn on the cheap, no luck)
  • made and added 2 projects to my ETSY store (including 1 hat)
  • made 1.25 hideous hats that need to be scrapped
  • made 2 more granny squares for my ‘never-ending orange blanket’ project
  • made 1 secret gift for Kerri (photos and pattern coming soon!)
  • read seemingly innumerable webpages of free crochet patterns

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